FaxGine 1.0

FaxGine runs sophisticated faxing features in a web browser
1.0 (See all)

FaxGine was built with the ability to run sophisticated faxing features in a web browser using Microsoft Silverlight to display its interface.
Designed for business owners and SMEs, FaxGine has an email-like interface that makes sending and receiving faxes intuitive and easy.

-WYSIWYG interface that lets you create and send a fax in just seconds!
-Perform each task in 3 clicks or less!
-No more bulky fax servers or hefty maintenance plans!
-Browse your faxes and address book in 3 views – List, Thumbnail and Scroll
-Attach Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Image files to be sent out as faxes
-No additional programs needed for storing contacts
-Unlimited coversheet support with user notes

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